Thursday, January 29, 2009

AVANT l'air du temps...

Rita Saardi Between Heaven & Earth August 2008

Chanel Januari 2009 Heaven...

Chanel white Beauty

My Beauty in Air

My Fringes on my back...

Margiela White Fringes

Lacroix Flowers

My Dreamland of flowers

Heaven on Earth Givenchy

My Earth on Heaven

Dior Cloud Dress

Rita Saardi Dream Ruffles

Elie Saab Heaven Ruffles

In Love
with the new Chanel Couture Show... And with myself (smile)
Everything was white, pure and simple from a distance but in a close upp you can see all the details, the handwork and the lace... Great Chanel show in all it's glory...
I couldn't help but enjoy especially that it reminds a lot of my last collection Between Heaven & Earth, other shows that I liked was the Givenchy show where the floor was covered with flowers that also reminded of my collection and even Dior made a dress that looked like a cloud... I was waiting for the Couture collections to get inspired before starting on my next collection... But this time I can only enjoy watching the similareties with my previous work and get the inspiration from somewhere else...
Once again I am happy to see that it is much more intresting to create from your heart to breathe in the enviorement and the details of our lives and to be your own "Air du temps" it's called Avant-Garde... and yes I am showing off, and I'm not at all ashamed of it... Rather give myself some credit then to wait for the world to do it for me... so the show is off, I'm still on... the result is breathtaking...