Monday, June 8, 2009

Best Things

I'm now gone on vacation and will be back in September...
Have a nice summer....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Susanna Lau...

"Saardi's latest collection is now up online and it's exactly what it says in the title; All Wrapped In Black. It's an acquired taste to want bows, ribbons and general frou frou to be thrown around on your body creating pretty baggage and volume in unexpected pieces."

Thank you Miss Bubble :)

I had no idea how important Miss Bubbles Blog was until a friend pointed it out for me last week... Thank you Victoire...
This blog is so inspiring...
I love it. Check it out.


"Swedish by nationality, Rita Saardi is a lot more Parisian than Swedish in terms of her design sensibility. With practically no trace of the Swedish minimalism in her collections, Saardi’s pieces are ornately adorned with frou-frou, inspiring details and full of colors, something Swedish designers are traditionally not accustomed to using. After a wonderful pastel palette in her previous collection, Between Heaven and Earth, Saardi is back with a collection with luxuriously darker palettes of rich purple, black and indigo."

I Loved this article on

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My New Collection Video...

New Collection
"All Wrapped In Black"